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Says " YES" to Energy Savings in Buildings

Many people are passionate about saving energy in buildings, but they often lack the critical information needed to convert their intentions into action. In an effort to help Malaysia meet its Copenhagen promise to reduce 40% carbon emmisions by 2020, it is imperative for the business community to start adopting solutions such as Schneider Electric’s Building Management System (BMS) to improve overall business performance.

The development of the Prime Minister’s Office (Perdana Putra Complex) High Performance Green Building Project as a benchmark to encourage more businesses in Malaysia to achieve greater heights in energy efficiency. Our vision is to establish that new as well as existing government or public buildings can be transformed into energy efficient buildings.

Challenge client

  • To achieve greater energy efficiency which is 40% in energy saving
  • Increase the building's overall asset performance
  • To certified Platinum status in the Green Building Index(GBI) 

Profil client

Prime Minister's Office is strategically located at the new Federal Government Administrative Cetre which is on the mainhill in Putrajaya. The Prime Minister's Office is located at the Central Main Block and is distinguished by the distinctively topped main dome design that resembles the Zahir Mosque in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Customer benefits

Schneider Electric together with our certified partner was able to assist PMO with integrated solutions an management services that will influence asset performance.


Working with Schneider Electric, we are streamlining the energy savings process. This new generation of technologies automates the delivery of valuable building information to ensure services and repairs are focused on the right issues.


The success of the retrofitting project for the Prime Minister’s Office will cement its position as the largest retrofitting project for government buildings in Asia. It is estimated that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) retrofitting project can save up to RM2million energy savings per annum.


Description of the solution

Building Management System & Power Metering System

  • With this building technology software as our energy management solutions and services, we give customers the confidence to make factbased decisions for improving energy use, operational efficiency, comfort, and financial performance throughout their building's life cycle.

  • Such systems are a critical component to
    managing energy demands, especially when buildings worldwide today consuming 42% of all electricity. With this computer-based control system installed in the Prime
    Minister’s Office, management are able to
    control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, water efficiency, and security systems. The management system also lets the physical staff work more effectively through remote monitoring and equipment control and decreased trouble calls and on-site repairs.