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Retail businesses operate under a growing pressure for profitability and very low margins. Improving energy efficiency is a simple way to reduce expenses – a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales. An EcoXpert can help your new or existing retail building become a place where energy efficiency and customer comfort ensure commercial success.  

Upgrade your parking lot for electric vehicles

How can I upgrade my parking lot?


Expand your offer of services with electric vehicle charging stations. EcoXperts are trained to deliver certified EV charging solutions that prepare your store’s parking lot for the cars of the future. Schneider Electric EV charging stations enable your customers and staff to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently and improve the value and attractiveness of your commercial real estate.

Incrase the value of your building and offer new services


Equip your parking lot with an electric vehicle charging station and provide free or pay-per-use charging services. Electric vehicle charging stations from Schneider Electric are quick to install, intuitive, and user- friendly. By enabling charging services on your parking lot you can attract more customers and improve the value your real estate. Our network of EcoXperts provides professional maintenance services of vehicle charging stations. 

Switch to efficient lighting

How can I improve my lighting system to save energy and boost sales?


Illumination in your retail point can be responsible for up to 30% of total energy consumption. EcoXperts can provide you with the right level of lighting control and appropriate means to reduce energy waste from simple to more complex solutions. Smart, energy efficient lighting solutions from Schneider Electric also improve your building’s visibility and customer comfort.


Boost your sales and control illumination


EcoXperts qualified by Schneider Electric offer complete systems that control lighting applications throughout retail buildings.
The lighting-time management/control solution adapts lighting in different areas of a retail point, including exterior sign and shop display. It lets you achieve excellent visibility of your building and significant energy savings.


As energy costs go up, keep your bills low


How can I keep growing energy prices from draining my sales profits?



Let an EcoXpert qualified by Schneider Electric turn your building into an energy-efficient and customer-friendly point of sales. Measurement is the first step toward managing your building’s energy –
EcoXperts can help you apply and use a comprehensive reporting system to track energy consumption and identify areas for the most significant energy savings.


Take control of your energy and lower your bills by up to 10%*


EcoXperts offer you different ways to explore potential energy savings in your retail building.

  • EcoXperts are trained to analyse energy consumption in your building during an on-site walkthrough audit.
  • Digital kilowatt-hour meters help you track and manage energy consumption.
  • Interactive touch panels allow you to measure and monitor different loads in your building’s lighting installation.
  • The simple energy management solution gives you access to data about the overall flow of utilities throughout your building.
  • The simple load-control solution helps you avoid demand-peak penalties by shedding critical loads.
  • An online account in a remote energy management system allows you to analyse energy use and lower your utility bills. 
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Boost customer comfort and HVAC efficiency


How can I make my HVAC system more effective and energy efficient?



Appropriate ventilation and air conditioning are key to your customers’ comfort. HVAC applications can represent up to 40% of your retail building’s energy bill. Schneider Electric HVAC solutions offered by EcoXperts, from simple stand-alone control products, to global building management systems, can significantly reduce your energy consumption and help deliver the best shopping experience for your customers.

Save up to 15% on your energy bills by using efficient HVAC*


EcoXperts can help you optimize HVAC applications and ensure excellent thermal conditions for customers and staff by:

  • Equipping your building with room controls that ensure comfortable temperature settings
  • Installing an interactive touch panel to monitor the different loads in your building and save energy on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in your retail building
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2006. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Improve your power reliability

How can I reduce the risk of losing power — and sales?



Power reliability ensures continuous operation, fosters customer satisfaction, and prevents your business from losing sales opportunities. EcoXperts offer certified Schneider Electric solutions that help you can achieve improved power reliability in your retail building and maximize profits.

Minimize the risk of losing power


EcoXperts specialize in providing Schneider Electric power reliability solutions such as:

  • The power factor correction solution that frees up additional available power and can save up to 10% on your electricity bills in an ROI period shorter than two years*
  • Active filtering that reduces power loss by improving electrical signal quality and lowering the risk of power outages
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.