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The energy bill of an office building comprises costs of lighting, heating, cooling, and the use of office equipment. EcoXperts can help you improve efficiency in these areas of energy consumption and turn your building into an occupant-friendly work environment. Applying solutions from Schneider Electric can help you demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and achieve a positive company image.

Introduce renewable energy to your office

What can I do to use clean, renewable energy in my office building?


EcoXperts, utilising Schneider Electric products, can offer efficient photovoltaic solutions that will allow you to take advantage of solar energy. An EcoXpert has the know-how and technical skills to design and install a solar energy solution to meet the needs of your office building. Start using renewable energy and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Reduce your building’s energy bills and environmental footprint


Benefit from generating your own electricity with rooftop photovoltaic modules. A certified EcoXpert can provide you with the necessary equipment to convert solar energy into alternating current. With incentives and buy-back programmes in some cases, solar energy can offset your electricity bill by up to 20%*.




Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2012. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Understand your energy usage

How can I contain energy costs and reduce my bills despite increasing energy prices?


Start measuring and managing your energy consumption. EcoXperts can help you apply integrated monitoring, measurement, and reporting solutions for your building's utilities, including water, air, gas, electricity, and steam. You will be able to understand your energy bills, identify the areas for energy savings, and manage the costs generated by occupants.

Identify energy waste and achieve permanent savings


Schneider Electric’s qualified EcoXperts deliver:

  • Simple digital meters that can help you save up to 10% on your energy bill* and can be used for sub-billing and cost allocation
  • The simple energy management solution that gives you on-site or remote access to complete data about the overall energy spend in your building



Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Control lights in unoccupied areas

How can I prevent energy waste caused by lighting of unoccupied areas of my building?


EcoXperts can help you apply the right combination of time-programming systems, automatic control with twilight sensors, as well as and presence and movement detectors. For example, by adjusting lighting use to room occupation, you will be able to use up to 20% less energy* in your office building.

Take control of lighting and reduce energy waste


Presence detectors from Schneider Electric automatically switch on the lights when a person enters the room or if natural light is below a preset level. Lights turn off automatically when no movement is detected and the preset time delay has passed. This scalable solution ensures user-friendly manual operation and is easily upgradable.



Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Boost HVAC efficiency and occupant comfort

How can I reduce energy waste and provide effective cooling and heating in my building?


Your building’s HVAC system is responsible for the comfort and productivity of occupants and can account for up to 60% of your energy bill. EcoXperts certified by Schneider Electric can help you design and install suitable systems that optimize temperature settings, enable time programming and machine control, and can reduce energy waste in your office building by aligning energy consumption with room occupancy and changing temperature conditions.

Enjoy energy savings and efficient HVAC


Make meeting rooms and work space more comfortable with room controls for heating and air conditioning. This combination of different control levels provides the desired temperature settings and switches HVAC to standby mode whenever rooms are unoccupied or a window is opened.


EcoXperts can combine presence detectors that adapt the temperature to room occupancy to ensure comfort. They also install external sensors with blind controls to optimize working conditions.

Save energy with efficient lighting

How can I reduce cost of lighting energy without affecting occupant comfort?


Certified EcoXperts can help you cut the cost of energy consumption related to lighting, while ensuring a high level of occupant comfort and satisfaction. EcoXperts have the knowledge and skills to offer you the optimal combination of different lighting efficiency systems in a solution that meets the needs of your building and your investment capabilities. Choose EcoXperts to apply lighting efficiency solutions from
Schneider Electric and improve the real-estate value of your building.

Illuminate your building while using up to 20% less energy*


EcoXperts offer:

  • Switching/dimming actuators that control lighting across your building, from the reception, through conference rooms, to the parking lot
  • Room controls with presence detectors that are the right solution for buildings that require easy repurposing of space after reorganization
  • Integrated sensors and actuators that increase comfort and eliminate energy waste by adjusting lighting to occupant presence


Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Upgrade your parking lot for electric vehicles

How can I upgrade my building’s parking lot?


EcoXperts are trained to deliver safe and certified electric vehicle charging solutions that prepare your building's parking lot for the cars of the future. Schneider Electric EV charging stations enable occupants and visitors to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently while improving the value and attractiveness of your real estate.

Increase the value of your property


Equip your parking lot with electric vehicle charging stations and provide free or pay-per-use charging services for employees and visitors. Electric vehicle charging stations from Schneider Electric are safe, quick to install, intuitive, and user-friendly. By enabling charging services on your parking lot you can attract clients add value to your commercial real estate. Our network of EcoXperts provides professional maintenance services of vehicle charging stations.