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Hotels and restaurants operate in a highly competitive market with rising energy prices and strict regulations. EcoXperts qualified by Schneider Electric can help reduce the impact of energy costs on your business by applying tested energy efficiency measures. With solutions from Schneider Electric, your hotel or restaurant can offer superior guest comfort while achieving high profitability, flexibility, and energy efficiency.

Reduce energy waste in vacant rooms


How can I minimize the amount of wasted energy in unoccupied rooms?



EcoXperts can apply tested and validated solutions that optimize energy use throughout your hotel, adjust heating, cooling, and lighting to room vacancy, and enable significant savings without affecting guest comfort. 

Optimize energy consumption throughout your hotel


EcoXperts offer Schneider Electric solutions that improve your hotel’s energy efficiency and the comfort of your guests.

  • Remote or manual controls automatically manage lighting scenarios and use less energy than a traditional installation for a similar-sized room.
  • The intelligent guest room management system controls lighting, HVAC, and blinds according to guest presence and can help you save 10% on each room’s electricity bill*.
  • A guest room management solution embedded in your hotel’s property management system can help you keep costs in line with changing occupancy rates.
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Switch to smart lighting


How can I ensure efficient and attractive lighting in my hotel?



Appropriate lighting can make your hotel look and feel exceptionally inviting. With the help of  EcoXperts, it also can improve your bottom line by generating significant savings. Your guests and staff will appreciate having lighting at optimal levels as well as controls that are easy to use. EcoXperts will help you explore energy savings and enable efficient control of both exterior and interior illumination.

Save up 20% of lighting energy by using sensors and timers*


EcoXperts deliver Schneider Electric solutions that control  lighting in your hotel and improve its energy efficiency.

  • Presence and daylight detectors optimize energy consumption by adjusting lighting to guest presence and natural light levels.
  • Remote or manual scene controls can help you achieve energy savings by adjusting lighting scenarios for different areas of your hotel.
  • Centralized control solutions ensure appropriate lighting in parking lots, walkways, pools, and patio areas while preventing energy waste.
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Boost HVAC efficiency and guest satisfaction


How can I make my hotel’s HVAC system more effective and energy efficient?



An efficient HVAC system is one of the factors that can drive your success in the hospitality business. It can represent over 40% of your hotel’s energy bill – a major opportunity to generate savings. EcoXperts qualified by Schneider Electric can help you optimize HVAC applications and ensure improved guest comfort by aligning energy use with guest presence. 

Achieve energy savings and improved guest comfort


Hotel occupancy rates and outdoor temperatures vary significantly throughout the year. If your HVAC system runs at full capacity and is oversized to meet the most extreme weather conditions, it may be a cause of considerable energy waste, especially in vacant rooms.


EcoXperts qualified by Schneider Electric specialize in installing integrated systems that connect access control and room managementa solution that reduces HVAC energy consumption while maintaining high guest satisfaction. 

Reduce energy costs and improve guest comfort


How can I reduce operating costs in times of rising energy prices?



Turn to innovative ways to save energy and reduce operating costs in your hotel and restaurant with professional help of EcoXperts. These Schneider Electric-certified contractors specialize in helping you keep guest satisfaction high and your energy bills low. They provide comprehensive energy efficiency solutions that allow you to measure, manage, and save energy throughout your hotel building.

Identify energy waste and achieve permanent savings


Let an EcoXpert perform a walk-through audit to measure your energy consumption and identify areas for efficiency improvement.

  • Monitor the overall flow of utilities with an on-site or remote simple energy management solution from Schneider Electric
  • Benchmark your energy use and prepare plans for corrective measures

Combine access control and guestroom management in common areas 

Fine-tune your kitchen’s energy use


How can I optimize energy consumption in my restaurant’s kitchen?



Your restaurant’s exhaust hood can be a source of energy waste and increase your operating costs. EcoXperts can help you adjust its operation to actual requirements limit the amount of wasted energy and lower your utility bills.


Save up to 50% energy by adjusting exhaust speed*


EcoXperts can help you adjust your restaurant exhaust operation to the actual amount of activity in the kitchen. This Schneider Electric solution is a simple way to optimize energy consumption and achieve significant energy savings. The full-speed operation of an exhaust hood can be limited to just a few hours a day; moreover, variable speed drives reduce the exhaust noise and maintenance costs. 

Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Prepare your parking lot for electric vehicles


How can I upgrade my hotel’s parking lot? 



Expand your offer of hospitality services with electric vehicle charging stations. EcoXperts are trained to deliver certified EV charging solutions that prepare your building's parking lot for the cars of the future. Schneider Electric EV charging stations enable guests to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently and improve the value and attractiveness of your real estate.

Offer new services to increase the value of your hotel


Equip your parking lot with electric vehicle charging stations and provide free or pay-per-use charging services for your guests and staff. Electric vehicle charging stations from Schneider Electric are safe, quick to install, intuitive, and user-friendly. By enabling charging services on your hotel’s parking lot you can attract visitors improve the value your real estate. Our network of EcoXperts provides professional maintenance services of vehicle charging stations.