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Schools and universities strive to offer quality education, attract students, and provide a comfortable learning environment. The challenge of meeting these goals is even bigger in times of growing energy prices and shrinking budgets. An EcoXpert qualified by Schneider Electric can become a partner for your educational facility and help you contain costs, leverage energy savings, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.   

Improve energy efficiency and your bottom line

How can I contain energy costs and reduce my bills in times of rising energy prices?


Rising energy prices call for ways to save energy and increase efficiency. EcoXperts are trained to provide solutions that mitigate the impact of rising energy costs, ensure relevant payback, and help schools and universities achieve educational and commercial goals.

Identify energy waste and achieve permanent savings


EcoXperts can help you analyse your energy use, identify areas for potential savings, and apply Schneider Electric energy efficiency solutions that meet the needs of your buildings.


  • EcoXperts conduct walk-through audits to analyze energy consumption and discover ways to achieve savings.
  • The power factor correction solution can help you free up additional power.
  • The active filtering solution decreases the risk of power loss, reduces overloading, and extends equipment lifetime.
  • Variable speed drives optimize the operation of exhaust hoods in cafeteria kitchens. 
  • The water heating management solution enables up to 10% energy savings.*
  • The simple energy management solution gives you access to comprehensive data about the total flow of utilities in your building.
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Illuminate classrooms efficiently

How can I reduce energy waste and ensure effective illumination?


Lighting can represent up to 20% of energy consumption in your school or campus building. EcoXperts offer lighting control solutions that are a proven means to cut energy costs and contribute to your sustainability goals. They ensure visual comfort, minimize unnecessary lighting, and reduce energy waste in unoccupied classrooms, toilets, and common areas. By applying appropriate lighting control solutions, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%*.

Save up to 20% on your overall energy bill*


EcoXperts can equip your school or campus with lighting solutions from Schneider Electric that boost your students’ comfort and performance as well as your bottom line.

  • Automatic presence detectors control lighting in classrooms and align energy use with classroom occupation.
  • Classroom lighting controls with centralized or local switching/dimming actuators allow for efficient and easy lighting management. 
  • Programmable time-switches manage lighting according to class schedules and vacancy periods.
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2011. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Connect to renewable energy

What can I do to use clean, renewable energy at my school or campus?


EcoXperts, utilising Schneider Electric products, can offer efficient photovoltaic solutions that will allow you to take advantage of solar energyAn EcoXpert has the know-how and technical skills to design and install a solar energy solution to meet the needs of your office school or university. With an EcoXpert's specialized support, you can start using renewable energy and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.


Increase the value of your building


Schneider Electric's photovoltaic solutions allow you to reduce your energy bills and the environmental footprint of your campus buildings by generating your own electricity.  An EcoXpert can provide you with the equipment necessary to convert the energy generated by solar panels into alternating current. With incentives and buy-back incentives in some cases, solar energy can offset your electricity bill by up to 20%*.


Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2009. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.

Control classroom heating and ventilation

How can I provide optimal conditions and save energy in classrooms?


Indoor-air quality is crucial to ensuring optimal learning and teaching conditions in your classrooms. Consequently, the use of HVAC in schools and universities can be responsible for 40-60% of their energy bills. EcoXperts can provide you with solutions that ensure comfortable temperature and ventilation conditions and reduce energy consumption.

Save up to 25% on energy bills with efficient ventilation*


EcoXperts specialize in delivering suitable
Schneider Electric systems that optimize HVAC operation and enable appropriate temperature settings, time programming, and machine control:

  • CO2 sensors are crucial for delivering appropriate ventilation within a classroom and help ensure a comfortable learning environment. 
  • Room controls are a combination of different control levels that provide your students and teachers with the desired temperature settings. Your classroom HVAC can switch to standby mode whenever the classroom is unoccupied or a window is opened.
Contact us > * *Based on previous data, 2011. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.