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Our Commitment Back

At Schneider Electric, we are committed to the energy dilemma.


Energy is the key challenge for future development of our planet:

  • Growing energy demand: If consumption per capita in China and India reach the U.S. level, world consumption would triple to 1,600 million people do not  have access to electricity
  • Mobilization to climate change: Towards 2030, ¾ of energy sources are emitting CO2. Serious consequences are anticipated if global temperature increases by 3° C
  • Green energy is an opportunity : renewable energy sources in the energy mix, can be doubled in the next 20 years 

Schneider Electric develops solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and industrial processes, with the aim of generating power means savings of up to 30%, as a means to address the current challenges of the planet. Through a network of certified EcoXpert™ we help our clients achieve more while using less resources of our planet.

What are an EcoXpert™ commitments?

  • Customising solutions to match your budget and requirements.
  • Installing user-friendly, efficient products and solutions.
  • Providing expert advice and outstanding customer service
  • Installing products and solutions backed by Schneider Electric, The Global Specialist in Energy Management.