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About EcoXpert

EcoXpert™ : A new elite for current challenges!

Costs keep rising. Regulations keep changing. Your buildings face more challenges every day. The pressure to be more energy-efficient never stops. 


The solution starts with EcoXperts™.

In more than 30 countries, Schneider Electric provides you with the finest professional contractors. Selected among industry leaders, they fully master energy management. Our EcoXpert™ are the best of the best.

Their high level of expertise guarantees the high quality of your power supply. You get the latest cutting-edge technologies because our training and certification program constantly improves their skills and know-how.

Our global management systems help you take complete control of your buildings. Your energy use is now under the microscope. You can monitor your buildings from top to bottom. We easily spot the best places to save energy and money.

Our systems are not only user-friendly and eco-friendly, they are also budget-friendly. We make your energy bills go down and your satisfaction go up. Get custom built solutions that match the size of your budget and your building, from offices to schools, from restaurants to factories.

You can rely on Schneider Electric’s rock-solid experience. We stand behind our EcoXperts, each step of the way. When complexity is rising - our EcoXperts rise to the challenge"

Our EcoXpert™ specializations:

Our EcoXpert™ partners reflect the depth of skills across technologies, systems and solutions of Schneider Electric.Our specialised partners have demonstrated expertise in specific applications and are recognisable by the following badges in the market:


 BMS EcoXpert™

These partners have proven competencies in delivering HVAC and building management systems to address customers’ needs such as comfort, assets management, access control and security.


 Light and Room Control EcoXpert™

These partnershave proven skills to deliver light and room control systems to create comfortable environments and smart spaces for the customers while achieving energy savings.


 Connected Power EcoXpert™

These partners have proven capabilities to deliver simple and connected electrical distribution monitoring systems, to help customers optimise their overall energy consumption.


 Critical Power EcoXpert™

These partners have demonstrated the ability to deliver integrated energy and power management systems in critical applications, to help customers manage their electrical network and ensure good power quality whilst controlling their energy cost.


 Datacom EcoXpert™

These partners have demonstrated capabilities to deliver network connectivity structured cabling systems to help customers improve the reliability, the security and the performance of their IT network.