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About EcoXpert


EcoXpert™: A new elite for current challenges!

From understanding usage to energy savings and compliance, the challenges are many and varied. It's why we're constantly looking to the future, to offer you better insights and cutting-edge technology. Our EcoXpert Program is one of the ways that Schneider Electric helps you deliver success, ensuring that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment. 

EcoXpert program is an exclusive partnership between Schneider Electric and a network of the world's leading system integrators, application providers, and technology companies. In Australia, our EcoXperts are national and local private businesses with a clear view of local market challenges, and the experience required to manage them.  

Together, we deliver value and sustainable success for your business. 


Our EcoXpert™ specialisations:

Our EcoXperts are proficient in specific fields of technology such as power management solutions, building management systems, loT, network connectivity, access control, and more. They can deliver efficient, innovative and integrated systems and solutions from our industry-leading portfolio. Our specialised partners are recognised by the following badges in the market: 


Connected Power Connected Power EcoXpert™

By measuring, analysing and making changes to your installation, Connected Power EcoXperts provide electrical distribution connected solutions, delivering a more efficient operation. 


Critical Power Critical Power Energy Management EcoXpert™

Employing advanced metering networks, power quality management and enterprise software tools, Critical Power Energy Management EcoXperts help you deploy power management solutions to address cost, reliability and optimisation.  


LRC Light and Room Control EcoXpert™

Experienced in advanced building and home automation and lighting control systems, Light and Room Control EcoXperts deliver optimised services for increased comfort and energy savings.  


BMS Building Management Systems EcoXpert™

Through proven expertise delivering facility energy and operational efficiency, Building Management Systems EcoXperts deliver comfort and safety through HVAC applications, as well as integration of building management systems into access control, video surveillance, lighting control and power distribution solutions.  


Datacom DataCom EcoXpert™

Delivering network connectivity and structured cabling systems, DataCom EcoXperts can help you improve the reliability, security and performance of your IT networks. 


Solar Solar EcoXpert™

Whether you're in an isolated environment or looking to reduce environmental impact, Solar EcoXperts provide customised solar energy systems to match your usage, reduce energy demand and take advantage of clean, free energy.


Energy Adviser Energy Adviser EcoXpert™

Experienced in Energy Efficiency Life Cycle management - from audit to implementation - Energy Adviser EcoXperts will help you achieve sustainable energy savings and improved productivity. 


Energy Auditing Energy Auditing EcoXpert™

Offering advanced energy efficiency auditing to AS/NZS 3598, Energy Auditing EcoXperts conduct energy tariff reviews to ensure optimisation and provide advice on Government rebates and incentives for you to gain maximum financial benefit.